Xchange Issue 30 Autumn 2018

Journey to Savour

A passion for food and a rich knowledge of her local neighbourhood steered Moreland businesswoman, Raffaela Ceddia, to discover and develop an untapped niche.

Dish Cult

How to find a neighbourhood’s juiciest dumplings? Its freshest pies? The flakiest baklava? Ask a...

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Inner City News

Aperitivo is Italy’s version of happy hour. It is a cultural phrase and time of day that captures...

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SBS Italian

Melbourne per tutti i gusti Nel nuovo episodio della serie conosciamo Raffaela Ceddia che da...

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Eat Drink Play

Discover Sydney Rd’s Hidden Gems As one of the longest retails and dining strips in the southern...

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Just Australia

Alla Scoperta di Gusti e Quartieri di Melbourne Un tour gastronomico per turisti e “melbourniani”,...

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Herald Sun

Festival Food on the Run FLEET-footed foodies are flocking to Coburg for an amazing race. Coburg...

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SBS Food

Holiday at home: food tours offer a taste of your town A place a tourist would walk past without a...

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